Thursday, August 19, 2010

Room Renovations

OK, it's not really renovations, but getting new double bunk beds is a big change for Carmen and Rachel's room.

The bunk beds took 3 full weeks to come in. They are hand made. Both the top and bottom bunks are full mattress size.

Here's Abram assembling the beds. We did this on Friday evening. The only catch was that we didn't have mattresses for the girls.

The cats enjoyed climbing in between the slats and into the drawers under the bed.

Saturday, we ordered mattresses. Carmen was concerned that she would not approve of the mattress we had picked out. It is difficult to find a nice 9 inch mattress that is not $500+ because it is all made out of foam. We were able to find a nice mattress through an online store. My bargaining chip was that I would take them out to pick out any pillow of their choice for the new beds. This worked!

Sunday afternoon the mattresses came and Carmen loved how soft and comfortable they were! The girls had found zebra satin sheets while we were out shopping on Carmen's birthday. They also bought double fuzzy throw blankets for their beds.

Rachel picked out a huge body pillow when we went pillow shopping. Luckily double sheets come with two pillow cases. We used both to cover her body pillow.

Both girls LOVE their new bed. If we ever wanted to take these beds apart we can have two separate double beds.

The other room renovation we did that weekend was to put up Sarai's name wall tattoo. I blogged about this in December of '09. Here's a picture to remind you:
Now it is above the love seat in her room. We joke that people will no longer be confused as to what her name is or whose room it is. The wall tattoo was so easy to put on and looks great!

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