Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sierra Paige Dancy's baptism

Sierra Paige Dancy was baptized on July 25, 2010. Abram and I were her godparents. She was baptized at St. Rose of Lima parish in Northboro, MA. This is the stained glass window of St. Rose.

I was amazed when she was born on our anniversary. Then Jenna told us that they had picked July 25th as her baptism date at the 11:30 mass. Unbeknown to Jenna, Tobin and Carmen were assigned to serve at that mass

and Abram to lector. How amazing!

She fell asleep during the mass. She looked so peaceful.

Here she is being baptized

Awake with Jenna

Abram and I gave Sierra a cross to wear for her baptism with the hope that she will wear it on her first communion as well. Aidan was well entertained by opening and closing the case during mass.

The final blessing. Abram has her baptism candle. I think it is funny that Isaac and I are together and Abram and Jenna are together. It reminds me of Joey's baptism when the priest referred to Isaac and I as Mr and Mrs. Dancy. Oops, wrong couple!

A nice picture of Jenna, Aidan, Sierra and Isaac. Jenna's good, she had everyone matching. I've never been that coordinated in any our our family pictures.

Here's my family picture. Thanks Nettie for telling Rachel to move over a bit. I am in the shorter half of the family and need space so I'm not dwarfed by my children!

Sierra's godparents: Abram and myself

Aidan discovered the stairs during the baptismal blessing. He was very unhappy that he could not climb them over and over during mass. But now, after mass he was in heaven hanging out on them. I love his gelled hair.

Nico, Aidan and Luke checking out the font. Our parish has a smaller, higher infant font which is attached to a large pool used during the Easter vigil for catechumens.

Carmen got a great hug from Aidan.

Notice that in the above picture Carmen is wearing flip-flops. The servers in our parish have been told to not wear flip-flops for fear of loosing or tripping in them on the altar. Carmen wore these purple converse with her dress for mass while she served, but changed for pictures. All of us loved the converse look so I took a picture of them. Yes, she wrote her name on them.

Congratulations Sierra! Welcome to God's family.

After mass some people came to my house to meet the new cats while Jenna got Aidan to take his nap. Then we all ventured over for food and socializing. Here is Sierra sound asleep with Marie.

Aidan kept putting on and off his hard hat. I believe they are watching Aidan's favorite movie: Cars.

Jenna and Isaac's new kittens were a huge attraction. Luke had Mercedes (I call her grey cat or Cede) in his lap most of the day.

Ah, Sarai is in heaven with Cede.

More Cede time

We used Sierra's cake to sing happy birthday to the July girls and Jacinta.

Carmen is 12 now.

Rachel is 9

Jenna is 26

Jacinta is turning 7. We had to use a 1 and turn is backwards to look like a 7.

Sophie has Cede time.

Jacinta must have tasty fingers. Silvie is liking her fingers. Cede is hanging out under her.

The moment Abram sat in this chair the kittens were all over him. This picture just has Silvie with him, but Cede was hanging on his lap too.

I believe there are more funny cousins photos I have to go through. I wanted to post this so I am not too far behind in my updates on the blog.

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