Friday, September 3, 2010

Loreto 2010

While Tobin was in Colorado Sarai, Carmen, Rachel and I spent four days at Loreto camp.  I taught 7th grade.  Sarai helped out with the junior campers.  Any teacher could have their younger children in the junior camp.  Rachel was there. It was good to have Sarai and Rachel together.

Loreto is our parish's middle school CCD week.  The parish rents a boy scout camp in Bolton, Ma. For 12 years the weather has coorporated with us.  This year it was a different story.  Camp begins on Monday, but all students are to come on Sunday and take a swim test.  The kids are able to go swimming and boating while here.  It rained Sunday through Wednesday!  I actually turned purple on Monday! Thursday was beautiful.  We took this great picture of the group I co-taught on Thurs.  There were 12 kids in our group.

Each day began at 8:30 and ended at 4:30.  There were two specials such as swimming, boating, music or skits for the kids to do inbetween teaching times. 

Carmen and Taylor tried rowing on Tues.  They didn't get too far, but had fun.  Taylor is the daughter of Patty Kinnucane, the woman I co-taught with. 

Thursday we created a poster.  All the kids had fun doing this project.  It was a challenge to teach 12 kids about Jesus for 5 hours.  The curriculum times were broken up into three segments.  Candy was our way to keep them listening and participating. 


While it was raining we took shelter in the craft pavilion.  As you can see it was still out in the open. We had a tin roof over us but no walls to stop the wind.  Regardless of the weather we were able to get all te girls to smile for us.  Carmen and Taylor (top left) are from Shrewsbury.  The other girls are from Northboro.  We attend a Northboro parish.
Loreto was a good experience but also very draining. 

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