Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pease Airforce Base Trip

On August 28th Abram, Carmen and I went to Pease Air force Base airshow in Portsmouth, NH.  Isaac and Jenna and kids joined us.  To say it was impressive is an understatement. 

There were constant airshows with stunt planes.  Here you see two planes that look as if they are going to collide.

Then you see they turn and just miss each other!

Look carefully at the color pattern on the planes. The top side has a different pattern than the bottom side. Until I was showing these pictures to Abram I didn't realize that two of these planes are flying in formation upside down!

OK, more crazy stunts of flying upside down at amazing speeds! Five together with two upside down. I cannot imagine the pilots' stomachs.

Abram was in heaven looking into all the small planes. He also gave me great respect for the pilots in the air. It is cool to see them fly, but now that I have a husband who is learning to fly I learn more about how difficult these stunts are. To control a plane while it has stalled in the air, fly with others and dive straight to the ground is amazing. Not to mention flying upside down and spinning around. It is impressive and worthy of much respect.

I liked some of the wing designs of the fighter planes. Here are two of special interest.

What a huge plane.  It took 4 pictures to capture it all!

These propellers are huge!  I was impressed that they were all numbered.

I used Carmen as measuring stick. The wheels on these planes are impressive.

The next three pictures of a yellow biplane that I really liked.  On the first pass near the plane I saw it from afar and took this side shot of it.

Later we passed it again and I took 3 separate shots to create this one.  It is a beautiful plane.  Abram said that one thing that makes it special is that it is made of fabric. 

Abram asked me to take a picture of the wooden propeller.  This plane takes a bit of maintenance just to keep it looking good.

Here's a cute shot of Aidan and Isaac.  Aidan was trying to fix Isaac's hat.

What a hot day it was!  Carmen sat on the ground several times.  So many people were camping out under the shadows of the plane wings.  It was amazing to see.

As we were leaving, two stunt planes made a smoke heart in the sky.  I thought it was appropriate to end this way.

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