Thursday, September 9, 2010

Update on the Cats

Our cat family is good and happy.  I wanted to show you some recent pictures of Marley and Friday as well as an updated picture of Zori and Cappi.

Marley is extremely social.  He needs to be with us all the time.  During August, I had Sierra and Aidan for several days. Jenna brought over Sierra's baby bed incase I needed a place to lay her down.  I never used it for Sierra, but Marley thought it was the perfect place for him to take a nap.

A few times I have let Marley out with Cappi and Zori.  Here is a nice picture of him.  It is hard to photograph these black cats.  The camera doesn't adjust for their black fur very well.

This isn't the most flatering picture of Marley.  I was hanging out on the stairs while all three black cats were around me.  Marley does not like the flash which I was using because it seemed to capture their fur the best.  He is often sitting up like this next to me. 

This is Edgar, Mira's cat.  He is the father of Cappi and Zori.  I find it amazing how closely he resembles Marley.  All of my cats have white whiskers though.  Edgar does not have white whiskers nor any white on his paws.  I was putting this picture onto the blog and both Sarai and Tobin asked who this was, seeing the strong resemblence with Marley.

I find Friday is usually laying on the floor like this somewhere when I am around.  She does like to hide.  She was hanging out in the hallway while Marley was sitting upright with me.  I just love her long white whiskers.  I still cannot imagine why her whiskers are so long.  I thought the whisker length corrilated to the width of the cat.  She is a small cat, but her whiskers are long and wide.

Friday loves to lay in tents.  This is a Groovy Girl doll tent.  Cappi used to love to climb in this tent when he was little.
I searched and found a picture of Cappi from 2007.  This was when Cappi was a kitten .  He too loved the Groovy Girl tent. 

Here Friday is laying again on the floor while I was working on the couch . She is laying next to a tie that is one of her favorites to play with.  She is possive of "her" toys. 

I was able to get a great shot of all three black cats laying near each other.  Going clockwise, Marley is at 12, Zori is at 4 and Friday is at 7.  Marley is very cool in nature.  He seems to get along with everyone. He will chase Friday around the house, which is good since she needs to play more than the others.  Marley and Zori usually just hang near each other. 

Cappi is alone in his coloring. He is still the largest cat in the house.  I think he is still adjusting to having two new cats to share his domain with.  He isn't too happy that Marley insists on sleeping in my bed each night.  For the most part, all the cats get along fine. Cappi is not thrilled with Friday's need to play all the time. Friday still acts like a kitten.  Cappi might just be an old guy now!  I say that with everybit of affection. 

Here is Zori, beautiful as ever. 

As Abram says, "we are surrounded by cats", but it is fun! 

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