Monday, September 13, 2010

Swimming, Winning, Enjoying Freedom of Movement

Last week was full (as usual).  We traveled to NH, Tobin had his first cross country race and won! Abram and I went hiking without children.  I only covered Sunday through Friday in this blog. 

On Sunday of Labor Day weekend, Rachel braved the pool at my mom's house again.  Sarai, Carmen and myself went up too, but we like to the pool water to be warmer to go in.  Abram was flying and Tobin was running in Lexington, Ma with Brookline kids he went to CO with

Here she is joined by Lawrence.  They certainly have fun in the pool.

Rachel wanted Lawrence to pull her around the pool.
Next, it was his turn.  I think he was helping her a bit by kicking!
Even fish get cold after being in the pool awhile.  She needed hot cocoa and two towels to warm up.

Tues, September 7th Tobin had his first cross country meet.  I am always impressed that the top guys are shaking hands before every race saying "good luck".

The race begins on the road.  It is a bit deceiving since Shrewsbury's course is woody, windy, rocky and has multiple steep hills to run down and up.

I thought this picture was cool when I looked through the photos.  Three of the top four runners here have their strides matched up.  Tobin has the neon yellow shoes.  I have a hard time finding him on the course while he is running.  With the new flats, I can easily spot him!

Coach Smith is at the 1st mile marker encouraging and calling out times.  I believe Tobin was leading with a 5:02 first mile!

Tobin won the first race of the year!  He won with a PR of 18:07.  Tobin says this is very impressive to set a PR the first race of the season.  This is the fastest he has ever run the Shrewsbury course in 2+years.

Shrewsbury's course is the second hardest one in the league.  Aside from the win, what impressed me was how he pulled away from the other two guys running behind him.  The course finishes on the track.  Tobin entered the track with CJ and Curtis 1 second behind him.  As he rounded the track he put a good amount of distance between them.  I believe he finished 4 seconds in front of Curtis.  Last year all three (Tobin, CJ and Curtis) always ran together, but some how Curtis kicked ahead and often beat Tobin.  This year even Curtis was impressed with Tobin's new found kick.

The winner of the race gets to keep the 1st place stick.  Tomorrow he races again.  Maybe he will make a new PR!

On Friday, Abram and I went hiking up Mt. Wachusetts.  I don't work on Fridays.  I asked Abram to take the morning off to go on a bike ride. We weren't motivated to bike, but hiking sounded good. We decided to do 7 mile hike.  The weather was beautiful!

Wachusett Mountain is a ski area in the winter.  We walked around the top to find the ski lift.  It was a beautiful site.  I have to admit that there is nothing about being on the top of this mountain that makes me want to strap skis to my feet and slide down.  Nothing!  I do many things, but not skiing!

I did find this snowboard bench pleasing to look at!

Abram is always telling me that I need to enjoy freedom of movement.  I think it is his way of telling me to slow down when we exercise together!  We do enjoy doing things together, such as hike.  We also began playing soccer in an adult co-ed league on  Friday nights.  Now I do coach soccer, understand the rules and how to play it, but have never played in a real game until last Friday!  I loved it!  There is one catch to co-ed soccer:  there needs to be 2 women on the turf at all times.  Well, we only had 3 women on the team.  Which meant that we had only 1 sub for a lady.  I loved sprinting after players and surprising them.  I hope to get better over time.  We did feel stiff the next two days from hiking and sprinting on astro turf from soccer.  I don't know if I will get pictures from these games since Abram or I are taking the pictures and both of us are on the field now.  We will have to drag a kid or two to see us play.

Enjoy the freedom of movement!

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