Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rachel's sleepover

While Abram and I were watching planes at Pease Airforce base, Rachel was at my mom's house in NH for the weekend. 

My mom has an above-ground pool. Rachel and Lawrence love swimming,even when the water is cold. They are good partners.  With glee, Rachel torchered Grandpa Lawrence with the squirt gun!

Rachel loves playing with all the animals my mother has in her house.  This is the tower of bears she created.  I do believe she rearranged them before she left on Sunday.
Rachel was a princess for a weekend. 

It was strange to not have many children that day.  Tobin was flying back from CO, Sarai was at volleyball tryouts and Rachel was in NH.  Carmen was with us for awhile. She did leave us to go to a soccer game in Gillette stadium.  August 28th was a foreshadowing of times to come.

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