Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New PR in Cross Country for Tobin

I just posted a blog about Tobin's race last Tues. I said he set a PR of 18:04. I couldn't wait until the weekend to say he blew that PR out of the water today! He finished the home course (same as last week) in 17:21! I cannot believe how fast he has become.

I missed most of the hand shakes today, but I like this photo. Tobin is shaking hands with Curtis; someone he is competitive with on the team and John is jumping before the race begins.

I had to include this photo of Tobin jumping right before the race begins.

As everyone sets up for the race, they also set their watches.  You can see four lead guys setting their watches to pace off of.

They are off.  Tobin said there were elbows pushing from everywhere in this race.

At the first mile Tobin CJ were neck and neck.  John led the race the whole time, giving Tobin someone to race after.

Here is Tobin at the end of the race.  He is a distant behind John, but no one is near him today!

John won the race with 17:04 (I believe).

Coach Smith was so excited while Tobin and many of the other runners were running to the finish.  Coach is a calm easy going guy.  But when his runners are finishing he is yelling times and encouragement to keep them pushing it.  Coach was extremely impressed with Tobin's running today.  Also, he was impressed the top four guys all finished under 18 minutes on our course.  This is very fast and strong for the team. 

Tob finished the course in 17:24!  He took 40 seconds off of last weeks PR.  Wow! Impressive!
I hope that I can continue to post great things about the cross country team each week.  All the guys put in many miles this summer.  It is paying off.  Let's hope they continue to stay strong over the season.  Their goal is winning states.  Time will tell.

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  1. wonderful news! he is so dedicated. its great to hear about.