Monday, November 30, 2009

Pumpkin Creation

Ok, it’s catch-up blog time!

I work at Beal school in town. During the last week of October, we had a pumpkin carving contest as a team building activity. All of the teachers and aides were randomly placed into 6 different teams. There were fun rules written up and we had 4 days to create something with the pumpkin given to us. My team decided to turn the pumpkin into Rainbow Fish (from the book Rainbow Fish). I forgot to tell you, Beal School is a kindergarten and 1st grade school.
The pumpkin was painted blue and turned on its side. We had a bubble machine behind it to blow bubbles. There were plastic fish hanging from the ceiling above. We had fun.

The creation of the pumpkin was to be done after or before school hours. I spent a couple of hours Thurs. after school and between multiple taxi drives to help finish the product.

Here are the other pumpkins:

The pumpkins were judged by parents and the 1st graders on Friday, October 30th. My team won! We were given D and D gift cards. We all had fun doing this activity.

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