Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

I know everyone just celebrated Christmas and I will get to that soon, but I wanted to put in some Thanksgiving photos.

Thanksgiving is a day we set aside to be thankful for the people in our lives that make it better and hopefully we get to spend time with them. This year I was blessed!

We spent Thanksgiving with many of Abram’s family. Chip, Marie and Marita were there. Mira and Max came. Jesse and Jacinta. Isaac, Jenna and Aidan came. And our six. Everyone helped me so much this year. I am so grateful for that. It made it very easy to host Thanksgiving.

Mira and Max made the salad. Max made a pumpkin cheesecake.

Marie made apple pies and butterhorns. Jesse brought the wine. Jenna made pumpkin bread. Jenna and Isaac also peeled and cut 10 pounds of potatoes for me! All I had to make was the turkey, stuffing, corn, cook the potatoes, orange cranberry bread and a pudding dessert for Sarai.

Isaac, Jenna and Aidan came over around noon with the potatoes. Isaac played a game of Quirkle with Tobin and Carmen. Isaac always pulls out games when we get together with him.

Sarai held Aidan while he played with Zori. He has been so good with the cats. He use to be afraid of how their fur felt and now he's getting love from Zori!

Abram always makes a great fire when we have company over. He knows that my favorite spot to sit at, once I need to rest, is on the bricks with my back to the heat!

The teen gals hangin' with Mira.
Leah and Steve came for dessert. Steve's family live in Marlboro, only 20 minutes from my house.

Aidan is always ready to smile for the camera.

Mira is reading Rachel's writing journal. Rachel's 3rd grade teacher requires the kids to write in their journals at least twice a week. I didn't see much of Jacinta and Rachel that night because they spent much of the time at Rachel's desk writing. Rachel found a journal for Jacinta to use.

The evening wouldn't be finished until we had the traditional pulling of names for Christmas exchanges. We used Tobin's cross country hat to pool all of the names.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to everyone who helped make this day wonderful and smooth. I am truely blessed.

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