Saturday, November 28, 2009

Impressive Running at Shrewsbury XCountry

Tues, October 20th was the last home course race the seniors would run. Coach Smith read all their names outloud before the race. I believe there are 10 seniors.

They seemed a bit anxious to run. In the far right is the number one guy, John Murray. Number two is Chris Favuli and Tobin is number three on the team. The first 5 guys for each team are paired up together along the front line. The rest of the team members file in behind.

I love this picture. Notice John Murray and Chris Favuli setting their watches as the gun goes off for the start of the race. John had said that he was going to set the course record during this race.

Tobin ran well. He was a bit tired and finished 5 seconds slower than last home race. His time is still very good at 18:15.

This is at the first mile mark:

I wanted to get different pictures from the course. This post features the sand climb up to the grass field. Notice how steep this hill climb is. It is short, but your thighs burn once you do this part. (I ran the course one evening and have great respect for what the team does often.)

Tobin is pushing it at the finish of the race. The team finishes on the track. Behind him is CJ. CJ is running extremely well. He has been finishing right behind Tobin. He is a freshman.

John set the course record today. He ran the 3.1 course in 16:27! Wow! John did finish over a minute ahead of the reat of the runners. Shrewsbury did get places 1-5. They also finish as a solid team. #2-5 were all within 26 seconds of each other. They were hoping to run as a pack and finish as one. They did! This made the guys really happy and excited to look forward to the Leagues race a week later.

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