Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sports Saturday

Warning, this will be a long blog! But I promise it will be a good one.

Saturday, November 21,2009 was a day to put the miles on the car. We drove over 200 miles to see sporting events. The amazing part was that we only had 1 child for 35 miles of driving. Sarai had a tournament that weekend. Two games Saturday morning and 1 game on Sunday. Tobin was racing in Northfield, MA at noon for the State’s meet and Carmen had a 2pm indoor soccer game. We took Sarai to her first game. Isaac and Jenna offered to have Rachel stay with them and they’d meet us up at Tobin’s race. Carmen slept over a friend’s house who would take her to the soccer game on time for us. I am so thankful for all the people who help us out!

I will begin with pictures of Sarai's game. The games always happen in poorly lit gyms. Many of her pictures some kind of blurr to them. It is very hard to capture movement with such low light.

I loved this picture. Everyone's movement is captured, but yet Sarai's lefty lay-up is in focus (a bit!).

Sarai was fouled 3 or 4 times in this game.

Sarai always drives the ball to the basket and is so good at the lefty shots. She's a righty!

Her hoops team lost both games. They recently won, by a lot, their latest game. The team is finally working together.
She wears different uniforms for each team she's part of . This gold uniform is for the travel Hoops team. She plays for Worcester Girls Inc. She has a green t-shirt for that one. School is navy blue and white. I hope this helps you keep track of her teams. Good luck!

After the first game of the weekend, Abram and left in the car to travel an hour and a half north to see Tobin race in a state's meet. There are many pictures from this event.
Here is the team with Coach Smith. tobin is on the far left.

This is the beginning of the race. This is a very hard course. The first mile is up a steep hill. It was at the Northfield Mountain.

Tobin after the 2 mile mark. The path is crowded with people. It was hard to get his face because everyone was in front of me.

Rachel and I watched as the boys crossed the finish line. That was a very scary sight for me. I saw too many kids collapse on the field. One has just happened in front of Tobin. The guys are trying to run as fast as they can across the finish line to get a good time, but then someone in front of them drops to the ground. How do you finish and watch out for others in front of you? I also saw so many finish foaming at the mouth. I've never seen such exhaustion in my life. It was scary. Rachel and I watched until Tobin finished and then we had to leave.

Tobin giving us his running pose. He didn't run his best, yet it was still great. He was running with all the best from the state. It is amazing how much faster the race is when everyone running the race is great.

Here is the posed finished face.

Tobin is talking with his winter coach, Coach Murray. Coach Murray's son, John, is the very fast kid on the team.
Remember the split shin. Here is the scar from it. Oh yeah, Tobin and his teammates all shaved their legs for States. It made is easier to see his scar.

A few Shrewsbury parents set up pop-up tents with food underneath for families and the runners. I was looking for Tobin. Here I notice that most of the guys are sitting and eating, but I cannot find Tobin.

I turn my head and notice through the thick of the girl's team is Tobin! This is a common occurrence.

We were only at his meet for an hour, just enough time to see him run, congratulate him and then off we were to the next sport event - Carmen's indoor soccer game.
Indoor soccer is very different from outdoor. You'll notice the nets in the every photo. Indoor soccer has walls that you can play the ball off of. The only time the ball is called out-of-bounds is when it hits the net instead of the parents! Carmen loves this game. It is much faster and she gets to push/slam other players into the walls. She plays her heart out. She is their key defender. Unfortunately, the one game they tied was the this day and we missed all but 5 minutes of it.
Carmen has finished playing one season of indoor soccer, has begun her second and hopes to play a third bringing her right to spring soccer.
Aside from the long miles, this is a typical Saturday at our house. As I write this blog we are into our winter sporting events. Rachel is playing basketball, Carmen plays basketball and indoor soccer, Sarai has her 3 basketball teams and Tobin is running winter track. Squeeze in music lessons, winter concerts, coaching and CCD and I've given you a small taste of our weekly life.
I will try to keep catching up with the blog. Thanks for reading!

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