Sunday, November 29, 2009

Win for Shrewsbury at Mid-Wach A Leagues Meet

The guys were pumped for Leagues. I hosted the pasta night for this race. Leagues was held on October 27, 2009 for Mid-Wach A. Shrewsbury wanted to keep their dynasty alive. They had won Leagues for 4 years in a row, this year would make 5!

It was impressive for me to see this race with the number of runners. I didn't go to last years race so this was all new to me.

John Murray set this course record too! He ran this 5K in 16:38.8. He is amazingly fast.

Tobin finished 7th in the race. He ran it in 17:21! By finishing in the top 10 he was awarded League All Star. He improved his running by 59 seconds from last years race. He is running very well.

The team stayed together as a pack again. There was only 9 seconds between our #3 guy and #12. Our top 6 guys finished within the first 12 runners. We were racing against 6 other teams, 47 guys total in this race.

There were 4 races that day: boys varsity, girls varsity, boys junior and girls junior. It is impressive to see that everyone, girls and guys, cheer each other on. They run throughout the course (even after their own races) to cheer the others on to win. The boys and girls xcountry team is a great group of teens.

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