Thursday, December 3, 2009

District's Place Sends Team to States

I posted earlier that Tobin's cross country team won Leagues. This enabled them to race in Districts. The top 3 teams that place in Districts go to States. The team's goal was to run in states, but it was going to be a tough race to make that happen. Shrewsbury ran well. The top 7 runners for a team are the only ones who run for Districts. Tobin is one of them. Shrewsbury tied for 2nd based on the scores for the top 5 runners. Officially you cannot tie in a race like this, so they look at the 6th runner. Our 6th runner finished behind the other team so we scored 3rd. Regardless, we made it to states as a team. The girls cross country placed 3rd as well. Both teams were going to run in States! It was the 1st time in over

Tobin's story behind running in Districts is interesting. Districts was scheduled to be held on Saturday. Thurs afternoon Tobin's coach drove him home because he "seemed" sick. Tobin stayed home from school on Friday, which concerned most of his friends. He also slept for 20 hours! Tobin was all worried about not being able to run on Saturday. We found out that when a meet or game is held on a weekend an athlete's presence or absence in school doesn't affect playing time for a weekend event. So being out of school on Friday would not stop him from running on Saturday.
Saturday was forcasted to be torrential rain storms. In cross country you run in anything, but this weekend things were on Tobin's side. The organizers for this race decided to postpone the race until Monday. Athletes did have to leave school early, but the weather was much better then. this was beneficial for Tobin since he didn't really get better until Saturday night. The team was all worried about how he was feeling. It would have been hard for the team to win without him.
Tobin at the 1 mile mark.
Here are Curtis, CJ and Tobin. These three have been running together as a pack for the past few races. Their performances have enable the team to win their post season races.
Tobin finishes in 15:48. It was a 2.9 mile course race. This was just a day after he had recovered from the flu. Not too bad, although Tobin was disappointed with his placement in the team. He finished 5th for the team. We are still so proud and impressed with his speed, sportsmanship, team effort and leadership.

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