Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sarai is 14!

Happy Birthday Sarai!

December 21st, was her 14th birthday. She did have school. Many of her friends remembered her birthday and serenaded her often. She didn't have basketball practice so she could have a few friends over after school.

The afternoon consisted of hanging out and making gingerbread houses. Constructing the houses was challenging, but all seemed to have fun.
From left to right: Caroline, Liz Benbenick, Jess, Liz Belden and Sarai.

Liz Belden, Sarai and Rachel.

Liz Benbenick and Jess.

One of her friends gave her a pig calendar! Yes, she has a thing for pigs. I made her a gluten free dinner, rice pasta and chicken caciatore. She requested I make the Dancy pudding dessert: butterscotch pudding layered with gluten free graham crackers and chocolate pudding. she was in heaven!
She opened family gifts after dinner. Here she is showing off the wall tattoo of her name.
Tobin gave her a High School Colonials sweatshirt. He's getting her ready for next year!
It was a school night, so Rachel still had her writing work to finish during the festivities. She loves to write in this journal.
Isaac, Jenna and Aidan showed up for dessert. They brought over a chocolate cheesecake. Work had given out Cheese Cake Factory cheese cakes to all the employees. Yummy, but sooo rich.
I think Aidan likes chocolate almost as much as mom and dad!

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