Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 09 part II

We went to Chip and Marie's house in the afternoon to see many other relatives for dinner and more gift giving. I took many portrait pictures this evening. You will see how much I am enjoying the new lens.

Here are Jesse and Nico. Even though I am across the room from them you cannot see that Nico's dress matched Jesse's top. Regardless, it is a great picture of them.

Jacob was back from school.

Here's the story behind this picture: we ran out of wine glasses, so Mira improvised with a sundae glass!

Max working intently on something for dinner or dessert.
Here's Miss Claus, She's wearing all her new clothes. She received basketball shorts and HAD to wear them out in the cold.
Pensive Luke

It is hard to get more than one person in the picture. in order to get this I had to be on the opposite side of the room in the far corner near the living room!
An elegant picture of Sarai.

Chinese Checkers was a big game this night. Here you see Marita and Zoe contemplating their moves.

Hats were the theme this year.

Tobin drew Jacinta's name for the Christmas gift pool. Jacinta said she'd like a "love toy"; something you can love. In our search for a gift to fit this description we saw pillow pals. Tobin chose a duck. Jacinta received a cow, which you see with Aidan, on Christmas morning and the duck from Tobin in the evening. It is impressive that asking for a "love toy" would translate into the same item for different people.
I never was able to get Jacinta in any pictures that were not blurry. I did capture Aidan using the love toy and the pillow pals together.

Here's the happy trio.

Carmen and Sophie were inseparable all evening. Here are several pictures of them doing what the do best: smile and hang out together.

Rachel made a no-sew-blanket for Leah. Of course it had a cat print fleece front and a pink backing. I had to include Cappi enjoying the blanket before it was wrapped up. My cats love material and always lie on anything I or the girls create.

Leah and Steve enjoyed the blanket too. I missed getting a picture of Steve using it during the night. Good choice of a gift, Rachel.
Aidan loves music. He stayed here and played the piano for a long time. He was "playing" the piano with Jacinta for a bit, but I couldn't get a good picture of her with him. She moves too quickly.

I love being in a different room and having the ability to capture people's candid feelings during an event. I try to capture the mood of the day with my pictures. It was a full night with many visitors, not all of which I could capture well unfortunately.

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