Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarai's a Lady Colonial!

Sarai's passion has been basketball since she was little. This year she made a travel Hoops team and plays for a Worcester League team. Last week she spent two days, a total of 3 1/2 hours, trying out for the Oak Middle School team. This team is designed to provide good basketball players for the high school. Sarai found out Saturday afternoon that she made the team! She is extremely happy. This means that she is playing for three teams and has basketball at least once a day all week long! I'm glad she loves basketball.

She worked hard to make the team. Twenty-two 8th graders and thirty-six 7th graders tried out. Only 13 girls were chosen. Three 7th graders are managers. This means that they keep stats, practice with the team and possibly play in a couple of games.

If you read this, congratulate her.

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  1. Good job Sarai! I'm jealous of your skills with a basketball--I was so uncoordinated in middle school, I usually got hit by the ball a bunch when we would play, and then I'd go sit on the bleachers!