Friday, May 28, 2010

Carmen playing at the Celtics play off game

Carmen's AAU basketball team was given the honor of playing during half time at the Celtics game 2 in their first playoff series! We went on April 20th (yes, I'm late with many posts!)

Here's view from our seats. We not only were given the opportunity to see our daughters play on the Celtics court, watch a fantastic game, but our seats were amazing! The entire team fit in balcony seating.

I tried to get a picture that captured the feel of our balcony seats. My brother Joel was able to join us for this game.

We were given "rally" towels when we entered the Garden. As you can see, Tobin found a comical way to use it.

Paul Pierce and others are warming up on the court.

Here's the Celtics mascot at the beginning of the game.

Before the team is introduced lights were used to shine Celtic emblems onto the floor while flooding the court with the color green. I'm impressed I was able to capture this.

Half time, the girls are on the court with their coach.

Carmen's got the ball and attempted a basket.

She's got good form. The hoops feels further than a high school court. I know that the 3-pt line is further out, but I don't know if anything else is.

The girls were told to let everyone get a chance to move the ball, take shots and not block each other. Carmen did receive several opportunities to handle the ball.

Here's my star of the night! People we didn't know wanted high-fives from here after half time. She said it was weird to have spectators treat her like she was a celebrity.

Ok, Joel and Carmen are two peas in a pod! I am glad he was able to come and see her play with her AAU team.

It was a great night! Although not featured in this post, Sarai and Rachel came too. It was a family night out at the Celtics.

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