Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hiking Mt. Wachusett

Monday, April 19 Tobin, Rachel, Abram and I went for a hike. It was the beginning of Massachusetts' April vacation and marathon Monday. We hiked for 6 miles. We began at the Audubon Society and hiked to the summit of Mt. Wachusett.

The hike was relatively flat for much of the way. It was a beautifully warm day; perfect for hiking.

We have hiked a number of different trails. I always enjoy good looking trail markers. As a backpacker, I really appreciate this marker.

Water break. We brought a camel pack for our water. Rachel loves being able to drink while hiking. The long hose allows her to drink while walking next to me (I was the one carrying the water).

A small snapshot of the tranquility we witnessed. I love the peace and quiet in the woods.

Ok, the hike started to get a bit steeper now!

A small break for a cute picture.
Rachel left her mark in the woods in a trail friendly way!

We made it to the summit!
There is a small pond near the summit. In it I spotted numerous goldfish. It reminded me of Marie's pond at home.

We can see Boston's silhouette along the horizon.

I like how Abram framed Rachel between Tobin and myself.

Rachel got tired after awhile and decided that Tobin had to carry her for a bit. What a great big brother!

More tranquility. I also enjoy taking pictures of nature that we encounter on our hikes.

As we hiked we encountered two huge wind mills. They were loud and amazing.

It is a rare experience to be able to hike for several hours during spring sports. I am glad we had this beautiful opportunity.

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