Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tobin and his Junior prom date

Yesterday, May 15, Tobin went to the Junior Prom again!

Here his is in front of our house before we went to his date's house for pictures.

The elegant couple! Tobin met Nicole through track. She runs three seasons of track just like him.

Nicole is putting on his boutonniere. Her dress was stunning.

More couple pictures.

Nicole's dress had a short train which kept snagging on the brick walkway. Tobin was having fun holding her train.

I kept trying to get more relaxed pictures of them.

Last year Tobin went with Juhi, pictured in the center, to the junior prom. Nicole, Juhi and Tobin are all good friends. Juhi came over to take pictures and we captured her with them.

Then a photo was taken of us with Tobin. I truly felt very under dressed. Tobin loves to have fun with the camera. I wished I had more to choose from since I'm not smiling. I really was happy.

Tobin also went to the afterprom party at the YMCA. He was very tired when he came home at 5:30am! He said he had a great time and that it seems like a short time, which means he really did enjoy it!


  1. I might cry oh hi I am doing my blog again come and check it out!

  2. Isn't he a sophomore? How does he get to go to the Jr. prom? BTW, they look great!

  3. Yes, Tobin is a sophmore! He knows many upperclassmen (women) and she asked him to the junior prom. Lucky him!