Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter weekend 2010

Easter weekend wasn't much different from other weekends. We had sport events to attend!

Carmen and Sarai played in their first tournament for Shamrocks. Thankfully, they were both in the same tournament. Carmen also had her last indoor soccer game. She played three sessions (each are about 6 weeks long) of indoor soccer this winter. For the last session, her coach purchased new shirts for them.

Here you can see her coaches and teammates behind a short wall. Carmen has a great kick and speed; all of which are vital for indoor soccer. There will be a separate post just about this team and how much she enjoyed indoor soccer.

Carmen uses her speed in basketball to steal often from the opponent. She is never afraid to cover a taller player.

Here she sees the opportunity to move the ball forward once she stole it. This was her first time playing competitive basketball. Her skills from soccer and being an athlete enabled her to adapt to this new sport.

Saturday morning was filled with basketball. Carmen's soccer was in the late evening. At the last moment Abram suggested we go to Easter Vigil mass. We've never taken the kids to the vigil before. I hadn't thought of dinner, nor had I finished much for Easter baskets. But despite all of this, we managed to get ready and go to mass. It was an amazing mass and very long! I couldn't believe arrived before 7 and left after 10.
We all slept in and enjoyed a relaxing Easter. As I looked back on these pictures I realized that so many of them are of the cats! Easter day was beautiful! We let the cats come outside with us to play and as you will see, they enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them.

Zori is relaxing under the slide.

Cappi loves to sit on top of the edges of the swing set and watch for creatures and birds.

Isaac, Jenna and Aidan came over in the morning to say hi and play with us a bit. It was wonderful to be able to run outside and play without having to go anywhere. Such a blessing.

The favorite red ball game was back in play.

Isaac is trying to get his son to hang on the monkey bars. Don't worry, he didn't let go (for much time!).

Aidan loved climbing up the ladder on our jungle gym.

Here's the family picture I took of Isaac, Jenna and Aidan.

Zori loves to climb the apple tree in the back yard. Aidan and Isaac are watching her in the tree.

Aidan is giving Cappi a good rub. I am impressed that Cappi is so tolerant with Aidan. Cappi has never hissed nor done any negative or aggressive behavior towards Aidan. Even when Aidan grabs a lot of fur!

Ok, here's my cat lady. She and Zori are always together and have meow conversations.

Cappi pillow.

Hanging with Zori.

Rachel is playing with Cappi and a rope. The cats love chasing rods and ropes in circles while we are outside with them.

My mom and Lawrence came over in the afternoon for Easter dinner. Cappi hung out with them too.

Now these two are just plain silly.

Easter day was beautiful and relaxing.

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