Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was a slower sport weekend for us. It was nice to only have two sporting events, although they were far from each other.

Carmen played her last AAU Shamrocks basketball game in Peabody, MA (that's over an hour drive east from our house). Carmen's team was made up of only 6th graders. She enjoyed playing, but is happy to have time to recover from tendinitis in her left shoulder, elbow and wrist.

Tobin qualified to run in the state qualifiers for the mile in spring track. He ran a 4:44 mile in order to qualify to run on this day!

Tobin and Curtis ran in the first heat of mile runners.

They both looked strong and calm in the first lap.

Tobin and Curtis led the pack in the second and third laps.

The last lap was all about the kick. Curtis is an amazing hockey player with a great kick to finish his race.

Tobin finished third in this heat.

He finished with a time of 4:42.3. He ran his fastest time of the season for his last race. This is the runners dream. Although his time was fast, it wasn't fast enough to run at states. In the second heat of mile runners, the winner ran a 4:15 mile and 5 other runners beat Tobin's time. Only the top 4 runners make it to states! Tough competition.

Here are Tobin, Chris, John and CJ. They are some of the top runners in the 2 mile and 1 mile for spring track. John ran a 9:15 2 mile on this day!

John is congratulating Tobin on an amazing run. Tobin took 20 seconds off of last year's best time. He has had an amazing season.

Shrewsbury High School marching band played for the Memorial Day parade. Here's Tobin in his marching band uniform. He plays the french horn in the band, but plays the euphonium for marching band. The euphonium is the marching band french horn.

Carmen was also in the parade as a girl scout. She was the only one who showed up from her troop, so she is marching with another troop.

The parade goes through the center of town and ends at the cemetery. We live a mile from the cemetery so we walked to and from the parade. Here is a great picture of our gang! Carmen is wearing Tobin's hat. We are blessed to have 4 children who get along so well. As we walked home a number of people complemented Tobin on how wonderful the SHS band sounded. It was a very nice morning.

We ended the weekend by going to Cambridge to see Dave's new condo. Sarai seized the opportunity to use the scrabble pieces to leave Dave and Deonnie a note!

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