Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary and Welcome Sierra

June 12th was my anniversary. It has been 17 years!

It is also now my niece, Sierra Paige Dancy's, birthday!

Isaac brought Aidan to my house around 11am on the 12th. Jenna wasn't in labor, but her water had broken and we were all waiting for the "baby" to arrive. It was a rainy day so we played a bunch inside. Here are some pictures of Aidan having fun at my house.

Aidan loves books.

we took Aidan to the attic and we found this great drill! He played with it the rest of the weekend.

Aidan knew to use the drill on the screws in my play tool box. I had to unscrew the screws many, many times.

Isaac brought Aidan's bike to the house. Due to the rain all riding occured in the basement. This didn't deter either him nor Rachel from having fun.

He did discover a new trike that he insisted on riding much of the time.

We found out that Sierra was born at 11:34pm via text from Isaac. I love that our god daughter was born on our anniversary!

Here she is:

We brought Aidan and Rachel to meet Sierra early on Sunday morning. I was able to see her open her eyes. They are dark. I don't think they are going to stay blue like Aidan.

Sleeping beauty.
Here's Aidan holding his sister for the first time.

We left the hospital at 10am and came back around 1:30 with the rest of our children. Everyone wanted to hold her. I took pictures of everyone. At some point there should be a picture of me with her too.

Tobin and Sierra
Sarai with her

Carmen's turn

Rachel holding her

Marita's turn

She is just beautiful! Nice job Jenna and Isaac! She looks a lot like Sarai did as a newborn.

Aidan came back to my house later on Sunday so Isaac and Jenna could eat dinner together. While he was at my house he and Rachel had bike races down in the basement.
The trike became a tandem.

Rachel also used my old roller skates to race Aidan on the trike.

This picture of Rachel makes me laugh. the only way she can ride the trike is by sitting in the bucket. I think this is how the tandem came to be!

Then they came upstairs. Rachel loves to sit on my balance ball and bounce on it. We gave Aidan a soft soccer ball to do the same. He is vigorously bouncing on the soccer ball.

Welcome to our family Sierra. You are so loved. We enjoyed having Aidan with us. I am so happy that everyone is doing well.

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  1. I'm glad Aidan had such a great time and even got to join the fam on the anniversary dinner! It's great that he has family close by that love him, and he loves! And it was really nice not having to worry at all at the hospital, since we knew he'd have fun at your house. Great photos of Sierra too!