Friday, July 15, 2011

Back yard fun on Memorial day weekend

We celebrated Memorial Day at my mom and step-father, Lawrence's house.  Joel, Noah, Heidi (Noah's girlfriend), my gang, Teresa (Rachel's friend) and Marita all joined in on the fun.

We played a long, but fun game of Crockett.  The day began cool, but quickly became hot.  Noah is sporting an old bathing suit of Joel's because his jeans were too hot for outdoors.  In the background you can see my mom and Heidi chatting.

Here's Heidi waiting her turn at Crockett.

Sarai, Carmen and Marita enjoyed the swing in the backyard.

Carmen and Rachel took the camera at one point; so there's a picture of me!

Rachel playing

Teresa joined too.
Joel was in the game.

Abram and Tobin chose to play Frisbee. 

Carmen and Marita played a bit of boccie ball in the front yard.

Rachel and Teresa had hoped to go swimming, but the chlorine levels were too high.

They did how ever stick their feet in the water.  I also think the water was very cold.

Hammocks are always a big hit.  here's Sarai lounging, Carmen next to her, Marita playing with Sarai's hair and Teresa waiting to get her chance on the hammock.

Rachel and Teresa pretended to sail the hammock. they tried to toss the other one off the hammock.  I don't think it works like a pool float, but they had a blast trying.

Either Rachel or Carmen took this shot.

Teresa tossed herself off the hammock!

I cannot resist taking a picture of gorgeous iris.  I didn't notice in the the bright sunlight that the iris was a peachy color until I looked at the photo on my computer!
I know everyone had a great time together. Teresa and Marita appreciated being able to participate in the festivities.

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