Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cape Cod visit

We visited the cape twice during the week of June 24th.  Chip, Marie and Marita spent the week there.  Over various days different siblings of Abram's joined them in the cape.

Our first visit was on Monday.   We found a nice beach called Bass River beach.  There was an actual kite designated area.  Here are some of the kites flown there that day. 

A huge red octopus and a black blow fish next to it.

a large panda kite.  We did find the black ball like object a bit humorous!

One of my favorite kites was this one.  The man photographed here has already led up a kite on a long cable.  He then proceeded to open up 7 umbrellas that were attached to the cable. Each umbrella would float up the cable towards the kite in the air.

Once the red one reached the top kite it would collapse, hit the umbrella below it creating a domino effect and sending all 7 kites back to the man at the end of the cable.  He would release the umbrellas over and over creating the same effect.  On the hour he also ran a remote controlled bag of candy up in the air, opened it and created a pinata effect on the beach for kids. 

wooooooooooow Carmen looks great :) Not sure who posted that statement, but it is staying!

Jacinta and Carmen began burying Rachel.
I like how she used goggles to keep the sand from her eyes.

The brave ones who dared venture into the water.  I was not one of them.

Friday, we returned to the cape for more beach time. We went to Marconi beach; which is very close to Provincetown.

The first thing we noticed were the pods of seals swimming very close to shore. We must have seen at least 10 seals swimming around.

Here is our pod of girlies:  Sarai, Rachel, Jacinta, Carmen and Marita.

Carmen and Rachel stayed at the cape all week.  I learned that Mira and Max taught Rachel how to body surf.  Rachel was setting up to surf this wave.

Aidan, Sierra, Jenna and Isaac came to Marconi beach too.

Jacinta gave Sierra a necklace over the weekend.  Since then, Sierra has wanted anything that resembled a necklace to be on her.  Jenna brought a new version of Boccie ball called Bootccie to the beach.  Sierra insisted on wearing the rings.

And how proud she was when she wore all four of them!

Sierra and daddy.

Mira and Max relaxing in the sun.  We were all excited to see her baby bump. Rachel was disappointed she was so small.  I keep telling her that it will become more apparent. 

Jesse, Jacinta and Carmen

Tobin buried Aidan up to his chin.  Aidan repeatedly asked for him to do this.  Tobin would dig a hole, Aidan would jump into it and Tobin would fill up the hole.  We were all laughing the whole time. 

More Tobin, more!  While we were driving home from the beach Isaac sends Abram a text.  It said:  "Aidan, says 'I love Tobin.  He takes care of me!'".  How sweet.

Now it's Aidan's turn to try to bury Tobin.
I cannot resist photographing great sand creations.  Cool alligator, huh.

Beach time with the Dancy's is not complete without a crossword puzzle or two.  We have a joint effort between Jacob, Jesse, Marita, Mira and Abram.

Abram and I went for a walk along the beach.  I thought this shot captured the tranquility of the beach. 

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