Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun and Fright on June 1st

Abram turned 38 on June 1st.  Isaac found out that the Red Sox had a day game on the first.  We bought tickets and had an adult day date:  Isaac and Jenna and Abram and I. 

Abram took the day off, but Rachel didn't know he was staying home.  She woke up early and made him breakfast and a huge place mat birthday card.  She made him two English muffins, one with peanut butter and one with cinnamon and sugar and a smiling piece of ham.  She even put out his badge for work. So sweet!

We left for the game with plenty of time to get into the city, but parking was horrible.  All the regular places for game parking were full from those who work in the city. After looking for parking for almost an hour we ended up at the Pru.  For those who don't know, it's a long walk from there to Fenway Park for the game.  We saw a pedicab and Jenna wanted to get a ride.  They only hold two passengers so we had to wait for two together.  Luckily we found two.  Here we are on ours.  It felt so weird not biking myself.  We did have the only pedicab with rock-n-roll! 

I thought I had a better shot of Jenna and Isaac but this is the best.  We did have fun passing the sunscreen between the two cabbis.

A nice picture of us at the game.  We had amazing seats.  Third row from third base, right behind the cameras for the game.

Big Pappi running to third base.  This isn't my good camera either.  Our seats were this good.

We grabbed someone behind us after the game and got a group shot.  This was a great way to celebrate both Abram's and Isaac's birthday.

So here's where the fright part of the day begins.  The weather in Boston was beautiful.  Sunny skies, no wind or even clouds.  As we walked back to the car I began hearing hotel butlers talk about tornado warnings.  I did not think much about it until I received a text from a family friend who had Rachel saying:  We are safe.  We are in the basement!  OK, that got me worried!  I looked at the weather and saw horrible weather patterns.  Tobin was driving into Worcester to deliver some papers and Carmen and Sarai were home by themselves.  I sent the girls to the basement and prayed Tobin would be OK.  thankfully everyone was OK.  The tornado did not come near Shrewsbury. 

When we got home we celebrated Abram's birthday with whoopee pies.

All the kids added to the Birthday song.
 Happy Birthday Abram!

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