Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marita's Confirmation; Tobin is the Sponsor

Marita made her Confirmation on Mother's Day, May 8th, 2011. 

She asked Tobin to be her sponsor the night he recieved his!

Carmen jumped into the picture here.  Tobin and Carmen served and Abram lectored at ourchurch at 11:30. We then drove to Manchester to be early for Marita's confirmation. We spent many hours in a church that day.

She made her confirmation at St. Joseph's cathedral in Manchester, NH.  I believe there were five parishes being confirmed at the cathedral that day. 

Here are Zebedee and Oswald (Marita's and Tobin's confirmation names).

Marita brought up the gifts.

I mentioned that we had spent many hours in church that day.  At four, when the confirmation was over, we rushed to Ben and Jerry's with a chocolate shake emergency.  We hadn't eaten since breakfast.  I saw a Ben and Jerry's in the center of town.  Abram walked into the ice cream shop and actually said: "We have an emergency! We need 6 chocolate shakes FAST!"  I laughed so hard.

Back at Chip and Marie's house Sierra was being her cute self.  I had to take a few shots of her. 

Princess Sierra always needs something in each hand.  It does make crawling and pushing strollers a challenge, but makes very cute photos.

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