Friday, June 17, 2011

Junior prom

The Junior Prom was on May 14th this year.  Tobin went with Steph Kalinowski. 

She came to rent the tux and pick out his tie and vest.  Her dress was pink and with many options she was smart to bring pieces from her dress so we could match the color as best as we could.  I kept the pieces and used them to order her wrist corsage. 

Pinning on the boutonniere

putting on the wrist corsage

Beautiful smiles

We asked them to do a funny pose and they did this:

I attempted to take a nice picture of him and he made this funny face at me

I got this one later. 

Then Steph and her friend Teagan posed

I love the back of her dress; it's all tied up.

Steph's dress looked like a princess dress

We then drove them to Jimmy's house for a huge group photo.
Kevin Shae, Kaleigh Filiere, Steph and Tobin

Two friends of Tobin's: Rob Matthews and Nate Nelson-Maney

Nice shot of the wrist corsage

Tobin doing his Usain Bolt pose

Jimmy's back yard was amazing.  Abram took this picture of the back yard koi pond and waterfall.

They even had a chicken coop

I know they had a great night. It continued by going to the after prom party at the YMCA. I picked them up at 5am. Steph was asleep in 4 minutes after leaving the parking lot. It was a long day but a good one with great memories.

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