Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was so long ago, I've forgotten what date it was. I looked it up, April 24th.  I'm very late in keeping up with the blog, but thankfully I remember the events well and can still retell it.

We began our Easter celebration with the Easter vigil. The kids really like that mass regardless of the fact it is three hours long. Going to mass Saturday night makes our Sunday mornings more relaxed. Each Easter the kids make up questions for each other, hide them in eggs around the house and create clues to find the eggs. I guess we've blended an Easter egg hunt with a scavenger hunt. Either I or Abram come up with a Bible question that each child has to research in order to answer. This usually takes a good hour or more before they find a clue as to where their Easter basket is.

Here is my Easter bunny, waiting for the egg/scavenger hunt to begin!

I even treated all four cats with time outside.  I just love how regal Cappi looks.

Here is Friday.  I only allow her to stay out for a max of 10 minutes.  She wanders too much for my comfort level.  Plus, watching four cats is a bit much.

Zori and Marley went out, but this in the only picture I have of Zori.  She was either hunting a leaf or saw a chipmunk.  No she did not catch one. 

Later in the day, we drove to NH to see my mom, Lawrence, Joel, Noah and Matthew. 

Rachel and Noah played a few games of Botchi.

At some point I realized that both Joel and Carmen were wearing grey and white striped shirts.  I attempted to get some picture of them together. 

Then there was the slouching contest between Joel and Tobin

Here's a nice photo of Noah and Rachel together. 
For those who don't know, Joel is Carmen's godfather and Noah is Rachel's god father. 

We had a wonderful Easter!

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