Sunday, January 9, 2011

Basketball girls

Since all the girls are playing on basketball teams I thought I'd do a special blog for them. 

Sarai made the Shrewsbury Colonials freshman team.  She is number 21 this year.  Is it really coincident that her boyfriend, Bill, has the same number?  He "forgot" she was given that number when he took his uniform!  He too plays for Shrewsbury High on the boys freshman team.  Sarai will play any position she is asked to.  She does prefer 3 and 4 and plays 5 too. 

Here she is playing as point.

Her free throw form is great.  This was at the first away game.  Last game, on Jan 7th she made 6/7 free throws and played most of the game!

Sarai played against a girl that was on her travel team last year. We often see girls we know from previous teams playing for their high school now and are against Sarai.  I think these photos are in reverse order. 

I will be posting more pictures of Sarai's games as I get them. 

Rachel is on two basketball teams.  The following pictures are from her travel team.  This was the first time ever that Shrewsbury has had enough interested 4th graders to make a travel team.  A number of the girls on her team have played together before.  They play 5th grade B teams.  So far their record is 4 and 2.  They are ranked 3rd out of 9 teams.  This is great for playing older girls! 

The hoops are hysterical though.  Yes, they place another hoop over the permanent one so that it is lower.  It is difficult for Rachel's team to play with such a low hoop.  All of them are use to playing on much higher hoops. 

Rachel took number 23.  She thought that Sarai's travel number was 23 and she wanted her sister's number!  Sweet.  Sarai's travel number was 32.  This was the number she requested for the HS, but it was the largest shirt size and another teammate needed it, so that's how Sarai was given 21. Although, it is her birthday.

Rachel has a good ball sense and is able to move around with the ball. She plays position 3 or 4 (just like Sarai) on her team.  She listens intently to her coach's instructions and tries to implement it as soon as possible. 

Carmen is playing on Girls Inc.  Last year, only Sarai played for this organization. Girls Inc is similar to town basketball, except it is in Worcester and GI uses full court for the games.  Our town basketball has so many teams that we have to play half court games.  Carmen is also on 2 indoor soccer teams. 

Here is Rachel in her Girl's Inc team.  She has two friends on her team from Shrewsbury.

Sarai, Carmen and Rachel all play at Girls Inc on Saturdays.  Rachel's games are either at 8 or 9, Carmen's games are at 10 or 11 and Sarai's games are either 12 or 1.  Needless to say, we have back to back games each Saturday and we live at that gym!  Rachel and Casey (one of her friends) were asked to keep score during Carmen's game one week. 
I will have more pictures of their games as the basketball season extends into March. 

I am currently the assistant coach for both Carmen's and Rachel's indoor soccer teams.  Unless another parent takes pictures I will not have any pictures from these games to post.  I am sure I will find someone though!  Most of Carmen's picture will have to come from soccer since this is her preferred sport.

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