Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Ball 2011

Shrewsbury High had their Winter Ball on January 9th, 2011. Both Tobin and Sarai went. Tobin's friends wanted to see Sarai and Bill at our house for pictures, but Sarai also wanted to have pictures taken at another girls house. It all worked out fine that night.

Here are Dan and Alicia, Sarai and Bill and Tobin and Kailey. Dan runs cross country and track with Tobin. Tobin has know Alicia since first grade. Tobin and Kailey went to the winter ball together last year as well.

This picture of Sarai and Bill was taken at the Crosier's house.

Tobin and Kailey.  Everyone seemed so happy; it was easy to get great pictures.

Another good shot of Tobin and Kailey.  I tried to capture some more candid shots.  This is hard when everyone there has a camera looking for group photos. 

Sarai and Bill are silly together.  I was able to capture this shot of them!  (The flash gave this blue hue)

I asked the boys to get together for a funny shot.  Tobin pretended to have a cigar or pickle. 

The girls had fun.  Sarai was ready to dance the night away!
After these group photos at our house, Abram drove Sarai and Bill to Michelle Crosier's house.  Sarai and Michelle have been friends for years, playing basketball together. 

From left to right:  Caroline, Sarai, Liz Belden, Brianna, Liz Benbenek, Michelle and Caitlin.
Here is Sarai between Liz B and Liz B! Sarai has been good friends with both Lizs for a number of years.  It is always confusing for me because Sarai cannot say Liz or even Liz B without me asking which one she is talking about. 

Great photo of Sarai and Liz Belden.
I know that both Tobin and Sarai had a wonderful time at the ball with their dates and dancing all evening.  The winter ball is held at the High School.  As you can see it is a semi-formal event.  All grades are able to attend.  It is a dance that sells out each year.  I believe there were 600 people that attended this year!  The weather held out for the dance; an inch of snow fell while they were at the ball.  This was just a small foreshadowing of snow to come!

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