Thursday, January 27, 2011

Abram is a Pilot!

Abram has his private pilot license!  On Saturday, January 22nd 2011, Abram took his oral exam and flight test.  I met him at the Hanscom airport to wait for the answer as to whether he passed or not!  Of course he did!
Sarai made this cake for him.

Marie had given this model airplane to Abram for Christmas.  I love the AA, Abram Airlines.  Sarai used this as her model for the cake.  Cake decorating is not high on her list of artistic mediums though.

Here's Abram with the plane he took his test in.  After he was approved as a pilot we took a celebratory flight back to Worcester. 

It was great sitting in the co-pilot seat while we flew.  I am so short that I will need a booster seat to see out the front window! We flew back to Worcester.  When we inspected this photo closely we realized that I just missed taking a picture of our house. We found all the streets near our house!

Abram landed from his test around 4, so we went out near sunset.  I had fun taking cool sky pictures.
Love the sunset over the snow and reflecting off the clouds.

This is the 495 and 290 exchange.  For anyone who lives near us, you drive this all the time.  I am impressed with the intricacy of the highway exchanges.  

As we flew towards Worcester we found Ward Hill which is 1 1/2 miles from our house.  You can see the ski lift on the right, and the tubing lanes on the far left. We were flying at 4,500 feet at this point. 

This is the Wachusett Reservoir.  Abram and I bike around this reservoir often. 

Here is an evening sky picture from the plane.
Once we landed we had to taxi to the hanger so the plane could stay warm for flight on Sunday.  Most of the planes had been grounded due to the severe cold weather.  It was very difficult for Abram and Jonathan to push the plane into the hanger because the ground was all ice. 

Congratulations Hun!  I cannot wait to go on a trip with you somewhere!

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  1. Congratulations! Now you just need to buy your own plane and you'll be ready to fly all of the family around!