Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Escaped to Vermont

Abram and I were granted a rare opportunity to escape for two days and a night to Vermont.  We booked a room at the Inn at Weathersfield.  Abram had originally found this inn through a flying forum recommending great places to fly to for dinner.  There is an airport a mile away, but we decided to drive to this destination.

We arrived on Thurs afternoon.  I feel as if we ate most of the time we were out!  We arrived in town around 2ish and ate a late lunch. We had dinner reservations at the inn at 6:15 which made it difficult to do anything after lunch.  We found a used bookstore, bought a book and settled into our room to relax and read!
Here is the front of the inn. It is a historical carriage house from the mid 1700s.  The owners have renovated it and made it a green inn. 

This is the side view of the inn.  The glass doors on the far left is where we had breakfast. I took these photos on Friday as we were leaving.  They were getting 10 inches of snow that day!  It was beautiful to sit in an open area, warm due to radiant heat in the floors and watch the snow fall in the morning. 

Our room was on the top floor. We walked up a spiral staircase to enter it.  Over the bed are pictures the owner has taken from her gardens.  She is an avid photographer.  The inn had many pictures taken by her and also art work from local residents as well. 

The rooms are heated by gas fireplaces. We used it only while we were in the room.  It was so toasty and romantic.

Our room also had access to a balcony with chairs.  It was too cold to appreciate it.  We would have gone out at night to see the stars, but because of the pending storm the night was overcast.  We borrowed a movie and watched it in our room after dinner.

As you enter the bedroom, you encounter a sitting room. 

This redcoat monkey was in the dining room.  We had to walk through the dining area to get to our room.  He caught my eye when we first walked in.  We also sat beneath him for dinner.  Dinner was amazing!  I'd venture to say we had a gourmet meal.  They had been voted best restaurant in Vermont for 2010! 

A shot of our snowy exit.  It has snowed a good three inches that morning before we left.  We were going to the base of Okemo mountain to cross country ski.

It snowed the whole time we were out.  The snow was so wet, we couldn't see the street sign nor the sign for the entrance we were looking for.  It is always an adventure traveling with Abram!  Took this photo of him while we were skiing. 

I have only cross country skied once before in high school behind my house for a short time.  Abram and I were out for a good 2 hours.  We went on most of the trails, although so many of them were hidden under 6 inches of snow.  I enjoyed cross country skiing.  Abram had tried to calm my fears by saying no falls doing this kind of skiing.  Of course I proved him wrong!  I learned you cannot lean backwards to counteract dips in the trail. 
We had a wonderful time.

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