Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tobin is 17!

I'm late by two weeks, but Tobin is now 17!  I cannot believe he's that old. 

This is a momentous year.  He is getting his driving license; he is just waiting to have the driving test scheduled.  He's looking at colleges and many are writing to him about his running talent.  He is now captain for both fall and winter running. His Confirmation is in a few weeks. 

There is so much for me write about.  I'm so proud of the person he has become. It is a joy to see him grow and mature into a wonderful person with many talents. 

Sarai began his birthday with a Goldfish wish on the island.  He religiously takes Goldfish in his lunch daily.

Rachel made a sweet card for him on the computer.  She wanted to use it as wrapping paper.

Sarai is taking a Photoshop class at the High School She made him a cool birthday card with great memories on it.  She printed the page and then colored the rest of the designs in.  I cropped a few of my favorite parts. 
Here Tobin is a chocolate cow.  He has always like cows and Sarai loves chocolate milk.
Tobin is captain for both cross country and winter track next year.  His roll as cross country captain has already begun with planning summer practices and PT time for the varsity runners. 
This is a photo of Jacob, Abram and Tobin.  I laughed when I saw that Sarai created a thought bubble of baby Tobin dreaming of running later in life and loving it.
My mom and Lawrence joined us for dinner with Tobin on his birthday.  Jenna, Isaac, Aidan and Sierra came for dessert. 

Grammie, my mom, gave Tobin this great running jacket.  Now he will be seen while running on the roads.
A few dress shirts and ties.  Shrewsbury High has fancy day 7.  Many upper classmen dress up on that day.  He wore this shirt and tie the next fancy day 7.  He looked great.
I laughed so hard when Isaac and Jenna gave this to Tobin.  During cross country season the varsity boys decided to have "No Shave November".  Basically the guys grew scraggly mustaches, if we could even call them mustaches.  So here's to teens trying to grow mustaches!
Sarai had fun decorating Tobin's cake.  Happy Birthday Tobin!

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