Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More flights with Abram as Pilot

Since my last blog about flying with Abram, we have flown with him several times. 
Here are some of the pictures from Feb 6th; a flight to Windham, CT.

Carmen and Rachel came on this flight.

I gave Carmen the camera to use during the flight.  She took over a hundred pictures!  Here is the view from the back seats.  Each seat has their own headset jack.  One great feature a plane has is that you can press the cockpit button so you can hear the people in the backseats.  If they are too loud, which Carmen and Rachel can be, we can turn them off from us in the front.  They can speak to each other, but we don't have to listen to their giggly banter.   This is a feature I want for the car!
This is what a majority of the pictures were:  Eyes, noses and mouth close ups! 
This is Rachel:
Here's Carmen:
This is a nice picture of the levee surrounding the airport we landed in.
The highlight of the flight for Carmen and Rachel was getting free Fruit Snacks at the airport in Windham, CT. 
Carmen did capture some good photos of the sunset.

On some runways there are four lights on the right side to guide you in.  They are arranged to show a white light when you are high, and a red light when you are low.  When you are on the desired 'glideslope', you will see two red lights and two white lights.  In this photo you can see three red lights and the runway number.  You can also see the runway edge lights, which go from white and then orange and red as you get to the end of the runway.  Abram had been asked to make a short landing so he could be off the runway for a jet who was next to land.  He was successful with the short landing, we got off the runway with plenty of time for the jet to come in behind us!  It is nice when the tower controller compliments you on your landing as they did after this landing.

On March 20th, Abram and I flew to Springfield, VT.  This is the airport that is near the Inn at Weathersfield that we stayed at in February. 

As we traveled we passed a hill covered with windmills.  I thought this picture was neat.

This was one of the only signs I saw that winter was disappearing - melting ice on the river. 

After we landed the airport was much more alive and I captured someone taking helicopter lessons near the area where we park the planes.

The following weekend, we traveled to Lebanon, NH to see Leah.  We flew by the same windmills we saw the previous weekend from the opposite side.  I think this photo is better.
 Carmen took this group photo of us. 
 Here's the budding photographer approaching the plane.

  Rachel had crutches, which added difficulty getting into the plane.  I will tell her foot injury story in my next blog. 

Abram is enjoying flying to many places, some of which we get to join him in.  On April 17 he flew to Provincetown, then to Nantucket, to Martha's Vineyard and back to Bedford, MA. He did this flight with his instructor.  This was good because he had to negotiate >50 mile an hour winds at Nantucket. 

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