Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tobin's Confirmation

Tobin made his confirmation on Tuesday April 12. 

This day was crazy.  I worked and both Tobin and Sarai had track meets.  I rushed to Northboro to get Sarai from her meet early to find out her event was starting late.  I did not make it to Shrewsbury High to get Tobin from his meet until 5:45.  Tobin was to be at our church no later than 6:10.  Somehow he ate, showered and we got to the parish by 6:15.  Angels were with us!

Nettie and Russ met us at the church.  Tobin chose Russ, his godfather, to be his sponsor.  One of the suggestions given to the confirmandees was to connect your baptism with Confirmation.  Tobin chose to do so.

Here Sarai is pinning Russ with a sponsor pin we gave him.  While Nettie is pinning Tobin with a dove pin.
Sarai was sitting at the end of the pew and was able to get some great shots of the sacrament.  Tobin chose the name Oswald.  St. Oswald was a bishop who created many local parishes in his area.  He was simple, but had a great effect on many people's lives and faith.  Tobin felt that this saint was someone he could relate to and they both have distinguished names.
The bishop took a minute with each confirmed to ask what they liked in school and to offer some advice.  He told Tobin he saw him going to WPI and that his smile will heal others.  It is obvious from this photo that the interaction between the bishop and Tobin was joyful.
Since the bishop did take time for each candidate, and there were 55 of them, Confirmation mass was two hours long.  Even though this made the evening long I do believe that Tobin will remember his confirmation with fond memories.  The bishop did make a great impression on him. 
We were able to take a picture of the family that could make it for Tobin's Confirmation. 
Great Grandpa Arcifa wanted to meet the bishop.  The bishop was kind enough to take several pictures with us.  Here are Tobin, Great Grandpa, the bishop, Great Grandma and Russ.

Now for just Tobin, the bishop and Russ.
This is Father Houston, the pastor of our church.
Here are my three silly girls.  Carmen was an altar serve during Confirmation.  She was lucky to hold the Bishop's hat during mass.
Aidan was tired after mass, but managed to have a bit of fun afterwards with Abram.
Having a Confirmation during the week makes it difficult for relatives to come to mass, but it was wonderful for all those who did come.  Thank you.  I had a celebration for him on Sunday April 17th to which different relatives came and celebrated with us. 

Here is the group photo from that celebration.  We were blessed with my mom, Lawrence, Marie, Chip, Max and Mira, Jesse and Jacinta and Marita.

Tobin with his cakes made by Carmen and Rachel.

What a blessed day.  We also found out that Mira and Max are having a baby in October!  Another cousin, yeah!

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