Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010 part 2

Christmas contiuned when we visited Isaac and Jenna at their house.  Jenna's parents flew from CA to visit for a few days during Christmas. 

Here's Aidan using the drill and plane we gave him.

Aidand had recieved a roller coaster ramp Christmas morning.  He repeatedly tried to push the airplane down the ramp. 

We gave Isaac a "man" gift:  a chain saw.  He had wanted to cut down a few trees in the back yard, now he can.  Hope we can borrow it for our tree needs too!

Sarai tried out the roller coaster ride!

Here's Gummie and Sierra
Now we are at Marie and Chip's house.  Abram designed and built sliding shelves for Marie's plants that she has over the sink.  Now she can slide the shelves out and water the plants.  Nice job hunny!

I found this great cat and mouse tea pot for Mira.  She is wearing a cat sweater that she found in the house.  We believe that Chip's mother knitted it.  A great treasure to remember her by.

Here's the teapot up close.  We also found cat salt and pepper shakers. 

Head coverings for Mira and Tobin.

Max is elated with his new, warm slippers.

Tobin and Jacinta
Jacinta and Rachel are working with thread that they recieved for Christmas.  Rachel is working on a cross stich.
Sarai's cool tights

Carmen is showing off her sparkling leggings.

Flip socks were the cool thing this Christmas. 

Jacob, Tobin

and Marita playing with the Xbox basketball game.

Sophie and Carmen had each other for gift exchange this Christmas.  They bought each other the same jeans from the same store.  Great minds think alike!

Carmen, Luke, Great Grandma Arcifa, and Sophie.

Jesse and Jacinta slept over.  Jacinta dressed up in some of our winter clothes and played out in the snow with Rachel.  Here's one snow bunny.

and the other one crawling through the tunnel.
Christmas was long, eventful, but always joyful to spend so much time with all my family.

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