Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sarai turns 15!

Sarai turned 15 on December 21st. Until that day, we had not had snow, but that morning she walked outside with her new Uggs excited to see snow falling for her birthday!

Dinner was lasagna, chocolate shakes and pudding dessert. Teresa (Rachel's friend), Isaac, Jenna, Aidan and Sierra joined us for dinner.

Here are Carmen, Teresa, and Rachel.  Rachel is acquiring Carmen's camera pose!

Aidan decided that a cardboard roll was a the perfect bat for the beach soccer ball.  He has his mother's evil laugh while hitting his bat at others!

Carmen found the "best" present for Sarai... a huge gummy bear.  Yes, the bear shaped object she is holding up is a gummy bear.  I didn't know they came in that size until Carmen took me into Hot Topic to buy it.

I cannot believe she can eat this! 

Rachel gave Sarai rain boots and we even found fuzzy liners for the winter time.

Cora knitted a beautiful hat and mittens for Sarai's birthday.  I had told Cora Sarai's favorite color was orange. While looking for yarn to knit with, Cora and Teresa came across a burnt orange angora wool yarn called Carmen!  No other yarn would do. Sarai loves them and says they are the softest and warmest she's ever felt. 

It is amazing to think that she is 15!  Time flies too quickly while they are with us. 


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