Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soccer, Tie Dying, Spirit Week

I began this blog a week ago and so much has happened since then that I'm behind.  There will be several blogs coming to catch everyone up on our busy life!

Saturday, Sept 18th, we had more soccer games!  Both Carmen and Rachel played away games and both in the same town. We did a lot of traveling. Carmen's game was a 45 minute drive one way. Rachel's game was only a 30 minute drive one way.
Carmen's team won! They played well. I also noticed that the coaches changed positions and this worked very well. Carmen played defense the whole game. She had some nice plays.

I like how Carmen maneuvered through the tunnel of green.

Here she's using her knee to stop the forward movement of the ball.  She is a strong defensive player.

I believe this was the following frame after using her knee.  She successfully moved the ball.

I think 79 should not be resting on Carmen's back like this!  Carmen will push into other players regardless of their size or height.  The team we played was physically aggressive, but we out played them.

I love seeing Carmen go for the ball like this.  As I play more, I can understand why they move slowly off the field.  Getting pushed and bumped does make your muscles sore. 

Rachel and Carmen played against the same town, just several hours apart.  As I look back at these photos I realize that it is hard to distinguish between each girl's game.

Later that afternoon we went to Rachel's game.  Rachel's team tied.  They played against an aggressive team too.

Rachel is not afraid to challenge any player.  It did get her hurt though in this game. 

Sweet shot of her kick!  Nice job Abram.

Even when Rachel was not in possession of the ball the other players were pushing her.  I noticed in this picture that she is following Carmen's lead with wearing mismatched socks to games.  

Sunday was tie dye day and buy clothes to dye.  The high school had their spirit week coming up.  Each day had a theme.  One was tie dye day.  Sarai wanted white sweatpants to dye.  We did find them.  Tobin wanted to dye his own shirt. Rachel had her friend Teresa over and they wanted to participate as well.  All of this happened while Abram was flying. 

Sarai is working on her green shorts for team color day.  Each graduating class is given a color that they keep for four years.  Tobin's class is red and Sarai's is green.

The man in red.  I caught him before the bus came, but not Sarai.  She looked cool in her green shirt, tie dyed shorts and tie dyed socks! 

Here are Sarai's tie dyed pants.  Her math teacher told her she won the tie dye award since no one did pants before!  Now the award was just that recognition in her class, but hey that's cool.

This is Tobin's shirt.  He did a good job first his first time.

The third day of spirit week was favorite sport team.  Sarai wore Abram's Red Sox shirt.  Tobin is wearing a shirt Abram and I used at MIT. Mooseball was a game that Jayson Strayer invented and we played at Chi Phi.  The shirt says: Break for Mooseball, It may save your life.  Jayson was in our wedding party.  He also designed and made the shirts. 
It's fun to have both Sarai and Tobin in the high school together.  They help each other in school during the day and share much of what happens with each other.  It's a blessing that they get along so well.  All of our kids do!

As I said at the beginning much has happened in the last two weeks.  I am trying to gather all the pictures and thoughts for quick blogs.  Stay tuned!

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