Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Abram Broke his Elbow

Sad news, on September 24th, Abram broke the radial head playing soccer in our co-ed league.  He broke the head that is in your elbow.  We cannot remember how it happened.  I know that he encountered a large soccer player, they collided and fell.  Abram remembers rolling to get up and felt his arm hurt. 
We didn't go to the ER until the next day. Abram was holding out hope that it wasn't a break.  But when he woke up he knew that he needed to get an x-ray.  We've since learned that lack of movement in the elbow is indicative of a break. 

The good news is that it was in his left arm and he does not need a cast.  He did not displace any of the bones.  A sling has been all he has needed.  We went back to get another x-ray on September 30th.  At that point he was told to only use the sling if he needs it.  He doesn't use is any more.  Except when we went back to soccer on Oct 1st so his story would seem true.

Here is the most recent picture of his elbow.  I highlighted the bone that was broken.

In the below picture I have highlighted the fracture.  We did not get print outs of the first set of x-rays.  I remember the break going across the head and edge as well.  It seems that in five days his body has begun to heal since the break is harder to find.

In many tasks Abram doesn't look as if he has a broken elbow.  He can now drive.  Small movements are hard for him.  It's hard to grab the top of a coffee mug.  He cannot turn a pot to drain spaghetti.  Pulling on a jacket or sweater is very difficult . I usually help him with this task. 

The largest disappointment is that he is unable to fly.  He had plans on performing his first solo flight the Sunday after his break.  He might be able to fly again in a week.  He did take the pilot's written test and received a 100 on it!  He's making great strides to getting his pilots license. 

The week after Abram broke his elbow I did play soccer again.  I noticed that I was holding back a bit.  I am more hesitant playing against larger players.  We don't need both parents breaking bones!

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