Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hiking and Cake for Aidan's 2nd Birthday

Aidan's birthday, October 12th, always lands around Columbus Day Weekend.  Jenna decided that we would keep the tradition started last year of hiking up Mt. Wachusett.  We took the most direct route you could this year. We just climbed up stone stairs. 

The weather was perfect for hiking.  The kids were good sports to get up early and hike.  We had to borrow sneakers for Marita because she didn't know we were hiking and my shoes are too small for her.  Sarai's feet are bigger than hers.  Luckily, Jenna wears the same size.

We took a small break on the way up. 

A hiker past us and offered to get a group shot.  Tobin was a great sport to hike this day.  His left eye was swollen shut.  I didn't know what was causing the eye pain and swelling.  He could look down, but sunlight hurt his eyes.  We were able to get an antibiotic drops for his eye.  It took several days to improve, but all is well now. 

Isaac had both kids at one point during the rest stop.  I thought it was good picture.  The green carrier was a gift given to Abram and I when we had Tobin by Jason Strayer.  It has served us well with all of our children and now Isaac is using it. 

Isaac and Sierra at the top of Mt. Wachusett.

Aidan enjoyed his banana snack while the group hung out at the top.
Here's one for the happy couple book.  A nice picture of us at the bottom.

Happy Birthday Aidan!  Jenna made three cakes.  Elmo was a GF cake.  I am amazed that even though it is chocolate and tastes great, no one dares to try it. 

As I tried to get this picture, Aidan was stealing a lick or two of frosting. 

The boy is Jenna's.  He loves chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Rachel is sitting on her Great Grandpa's lap. 

Present time was great.  Isaac had sent out an email invite stating that Aidan's birthday was sponsored by Pixar, Disney and Lego.  I do believe that we all sponsored them!  He received many gifts within the Cars theme (his favorite movie now).  One gift he received that was not within this theme.  Marie found a great costume.  It was a horse.  The back legs are the kid's legs and the front ones plus body are attached with suspenders.  Aidan loved it! He ran around the house several times as the horse. 

Rachel looks very cool in the cowboy hat too!

It is wonderful that we get to see Aidan often and celebrate his birthday with him.

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