Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarai at the Winter Ball

A few weeks ago, Sarai went to the winter ball with Bill McKenna.

Helping her get ready was an all girl affair. Carmen and I worked together to use the curling iron and make banana curls all over Sarai's head. Rachel was given the camera to document the progress.

This is the photo Sarai's calls her family photo:  her, Bill and Zori. 

I tried taking photos in different rooms to see which background was best. 

I prefer the kitchen curtains color as their backdrop color. 

Sarai's dress was simple, but looked great.  When we were shopping for dresses I picked this one out because of the great color.  She wasn't excited about it until she put it on.  She did take Bill shopping for a shirt and tie to make sure it complemented correctly. 

Many people have huge groups gathering at their house for pictures.  We went to one house, took this picture and left quickly.  Even though there were many people there, they did not know anyone there very well.  We did capture a good photo though.   She is wearing Toms shoes in this photo because the shoes she had planned to wear were at Michelle's house.  We are going there next.

This is Michelle, a good friend and someone Sarai has played basketball with for many years.  We drove to her house for more pictures.

Caroline and Sarai, with a Bill shadow on the left!

Liz Belden and Sarai

Sarai is in a Liz sandwich.  Liz Belden is on left and Liz Benbenick is on the right.

Michelle and her date and Sarai and Bill.

Winterball is held at the High School.  It is usually a fun time to dress up and dance with friends. 

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