Saturday, October 22, 2011

CA Vacation Part 2: Yosemite, cabin and family time

I referred to the cabin at Yosemite in my previous post.  We arrived at the cabin late on Monday night.  Barbara invited those staying at the cabin to have dinner at their place.  This was a blessing since we were all traveling to get to Yosemite making it difficult to buy food for dinner as well. 

I woke up early Tues morning and took several pictures of the two cabins and surrounding area.This is the main cabin.  It had the kitchen, two large bedrooms on the main floor, a living room area and a huge loft with 5 beds. 

A view of the deck that wrapped around the main cabin. I love how the the owner made the deck around the tree near the house. It was a new definition of tree house!

This is the bunk house. This house had three bedrooms on the main floor with two lofts. Each loft had three twin beds, which two on each side being trundle beds. this house had room for 10 kids up in the loft and three couples downstairs. It also had an entertainment center with a great train set and couches.

The place gets even better. Here is the BEST outdoor fire pit I have ever been privilege to use. You had your regular fire pit, which was huge. Then there was a fire oven with a pulley system to cook food on, plus a special pizza oven. Notice also that all the seats and benches are made from logs.  There was plenty of room for our family to sit around the fire. There were even seats for the younger crowd like Aidan to use. 

Joey showing us how to make the perfect marshmallow.  First roast it in the oven, then hold it over the flame.  He enjoyed making the smores.

Sarai, Theresa, Tobin, Leah and Carmen chilling around the fire pit.

Cute picture of Carmen on Rachel. 

We were able to have all the family over one night to enjoy the campfire atmosphere.

 Smores were definitely a hit with all. 
Another great feature of this cabin area was the rope swing.  Here is Rachel on it.  Most people tried the swing Tues morning in their pj's, it was that cool.

Joe, on  the swing in his pj's too.

I even caught Mike in his pj's!  Many more enjoyed the rope swing, but were not photographed.

Rachel is enjoying it before dinner time and dusk.

There is more to this great outdoor playground around the house.  There was a swing set with this great cocoon swing.  Caught Abram in it one evening.

Monica swinging Mateo.

A hammock for the girls to hang out on.  Thanks to Jenna for this great shot of Theresa, Rachel and Carmen.

The yard even had a see saw.  Here are Theresa and Thomas using it. 

Thomas was playing around with someone's shoe.  He would not smile for my with the camera, so I had to be sneaky and catch him having fun.

 Sierra found a baby and was playing with it and th toy bus during our large family dinner at the cabin. 

Cora has two little ones: Thomas and Sierra.  Sierra was playing peek--boo with me while I was trying to get this picture.

Aidan with his great smile and many bug bites. 

Kierra, Sophia and Aidan

Ryland, Barbara and Jennie

Carmen, Sarai and Tobin.  I don't usually get them in one picture so I used this.  Tobin found humor in the fact that they are all looking a many of pictures I am posting now.  Each day the kids would ask to see what photos I took. 

Sophia and Mateo eating with us.  I believe Chris and Monica stayed over one night to enjoy the cabin, outdoors and the bunk house's train set. 

 Abram got hold of the camera one night and took my picture.  As photographer,  I don't often make it into pictures.

The house even had bikes the kids could use.  Here is a great picture of Rachel and Joey on the deck playing with the bikes.  Joey is wearing a bandanna I got him. Carmen dressed him up as bandanna man!
I know there are so many more photos to use.  I will try to add more.  The cabin time was amazing.  I loved that there were people doing many different things on the same day. This allowed me to do hikes with Abram and Tobin while the girls hung out here and relaxed.  One day Cora and Mike took Rachel rafting while Abram and I found a beach and swam there.  I am so grateful we were able to show this amazing national park to our children. It was also my first time coming to CA.   

This cabin is my ideal grandparent home. I have been dreaming of a place that Abram and I could build so that our kids and their families could gather and enjoy growing together at and vacationing at. This has everything I could imagine and hope for. What a wonderful place to have been able to visit.

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