Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leagues in Winter Track

Tobin has been running winter track. He mainly runs the 2 mile. In most indoor tracks he has to run 22 -23 laps around the track to complete the 2 mile course. I haven't been able to see many of his races because they are often far away. When the meet is in Shrewsbury I usually don't know when he will be running his race. A meet can last 3+ hours.

Saturday, Feb 7th was the Leagues race in Fitchburg, MA. Abram was able to get there just before his race began. Here are some pictures from that race.

Tobin was competing this day with a teammate, CJ. They ran cross country together. CJ had been able to finish a few of the races faster than Tobin. CJ is the guy to Tobin's right in these two pictures. Today was different!

Tobin pushed it hard to the end, as you can see in the expression on his face. He PR-ed with a 10:37 2 mile!

Today he will run again on the same course for Districts. He hopes to place third in the race. he's running with two of the fastest guys in the state.

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