Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiking on a Gorgeous Fall Day

Abram and I enjoy hiking.  We have made it a point to walk or hike several miles each weekend since our biking accident in August.  Up until October 21st, none of our children would join us.  I decide to insist Carmen and Rachel come "walking in the woods" with us.  Sarai was working that day so she couldn't come.

Here is the image of the fall leaves at the beginning of our trail.  We planned on hiking up Mt. Wachusett.

Rachel and Carmen were very silly walking.  Rachel found a stump which she called a chair, but decided to stand on.

Here is a root base of a tree that had fallen over.

Rachel discovered a great walking stick and used it for some of the hike.

 We took two bags with us.  One was a hydro-pack with water and the other a small back pack with food.  I found it humorous that Carmen would only carry the backpack, she was too embarrassed to carry the hydro-pack and Rachel was the opposite.  She only would carry the hydro-pack.  She thinks it is so cool to drink the water from the tube.

So as we hiked I had to carry either the hydro-pack or the backpack as the two girls couldn't switch off.

When we began our hike/walk Rachel kept asking "where are the rocks?"  I promised her that the rocks will come as we get closer to the top of the mountain. Here are some good climbing rocks for Rachel.

She found a great rock to hide under as well.

And others to look so pretty on.

Abram and Rachel at the top.  Carmen has become too much of teen to offer me good smiles so we don't have many of her on this hike.

She took this picture of us at the summit.

Then one of herself!

Abram used his long arm to get all of us.  We did enjoy the hike.  Rachel and Carmen kept us walking fast at the end.  I did promise them ice cream when we finished (which we did get).  I was so cold that my lips turned purple though!

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